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A Small Contribution of yours Can Feed the Voiceless Animal!

Urgent Cases

Donation for a cat life

Donation for a cat life

Every day, Gua Rdian Of Angels Trust is called upon to rescue animals from abuse, abandonment, sickness or injury. Whether it’s a street dog or cat in need of life-saving medical treatment or our ongoing fight against the dog meat trade, none of it is possible without your support. We rescue, sterilise and treat street animals in need, while also actively fighting to end the Asian dog meat trade, having successfully ended the large-scale trade in India.

With no government funding, Gua Rdian Of Angels Trust operates solely on donations from compassionate animal lovers around the world. We pride ourselves on the efficient use of funds so that the maximum number of animals can be helped. 
With support from compassionate people like you, Gua Rdian Of Angels Trust also assists other shelters across India and provides regular supplies of dog and cat food to individuals caring for stray animals in temples and communities. Whatever and however much you choose to donate, know that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to assist the maximum number of animals.