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Donate for cow life

Donate for cow life

After dogs and cat, cow was one of the first few species domesticated by humans. As per the Vedas, cow is considered as a universal symbol. They benefit the humans and the environment in many ways that humans fail to recognize or appreciate and often abandoned them on the road when diseased or injured or simply unable to produce milk anymore. The idea behind this project by ‘Gua Rdian Of Angels Trust ’ is to promote scientific rehabilitation and motivate urban & rural community to save the homeless abandoned stray cows for sustainable agriculture, health-nutrition and environment and more focus on the cow care management.

Animals living on the street can easily become injured. A territorial fight with another dog can cause a puncture wound, a speeding bike can fracture a limb, and poor nutrition and stress can lead to conditions like mange and other illnesses.

Many animals are fed by the community but they are very rarely pet or handled and they are usually not allowed inside the house. This means that an animal with an infected wound, or who has become sick and stopped eating is often unnoticed until their condition has become serious. The stress of living on the street and having to search for food throughout the day and avoid traffic also worsens health problems.

With support from compassionate people like you, Gua Rdian Of  Angels Trust also assists other shelters across India and provides regular supplies of dog and cat, cow food to individuals caring for stray animals in temples and communities. Whatever and however much you choose to donate, know that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to assist the maximum number of animals.