The Guardian of Angels Foundation was created to help reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse. Since experts agree that a single incident can cause a child to feel shame, hopelessness, and despair on a daily basis throughout their life, some have argued that its pervasiveness makes this the most serious issue facing our children today.
The CDC estimates that one in five children
will be sexually abused by the time they
turn eighteen years old.
One in five.
Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic that most of us avoid discussing or even thinking about. We often fail to realize that our unwillingness to face these "uncomfortable" situations results in life-altering devastation. As a society, we need to address this problem head-on and realize that our "comfort" is simply too high of a price to pay.

The foundation was setup to reduce this problem in several ways including:

A typical teacher has 25-30 students in his/her classroom. Statistically speaking, it is likely that five children in each classroom have been sexually abused. Many teachers will not report a single case throughout their entire teaching career. The foundation helps these teachers detect this behavior and encourage them to report it. Once a suspected abusive situation has been reported, a trained sexual abuse professional can perform a thorough evaluation.

An on-going media campaign educates the public on the magnitude and severity of the situation. It encourages adults whose professions may not involve child contact, such as parents, to learn how to spot these symptoms in their own children and the other children they may come in contact with such as their child’s friends.

The government plays a crucial role in both preventing abuse (education, criminal prosecution, etc.) as well as helping children recover from abusive situations. In many cases, only a governmental authority can intervene. The Guardian of Angels foundation works with government to identify and implement effective ways to deal with this problem.
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