Our Mission
To reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse through public awareness, government intervention, and education.

To provide adults with information to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
Matt and Melanie at the White House signing ceremony
for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

Matt and Melanie Larson created the Guardian of Angels foundation to help reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse. Since inception, members of the Colorado technology community have donated millions of dollars that are being spent on a variety of projects.

The Guardian of Angels Foundation is a private, non-profit, operating foundation located in Denver, Colorado.

Matt Larson is the Founder of Confio Software. Prior to his involvement at Confio, Mr. Larson helped found an oil and gas holding company. The company grew from four employees to over two hundred employees while raising over $110 million. Mr. Larson is an international speaker on technology related topics. He also is the co-author of five, best-selling technology books. Mr. Larson holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado where he graduated 1st in his class. He is also a member of the Mensa Society.

Melanie Larson has a heart for children and the problems that they face. She currently has the pleasure of staying home with Grant (5) and Macy (4) who are both constant remainders of the innocence and joy of childhood. Prior to their arrival, Melanie worked with children with autism. She tutored these children, one-on-one, to help them develop basic living skills, social skills, and fundamental learning skills. She loved working with these children as they taught her to take joy in the little things and to ignore some of life's complexities that don't really matter anyway. Along with Matt, Melanie is a partner in Social Venture Partners in Boulder, Colorado. SVP is a community of social investors who donate funds to fledging non-profits in a similar way that venture capital firms fund startup companies. Melanie has a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from Metropolitan State University.

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